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2019 Digital Marketing Trends

8 Jan 2019

While some businesses are still getting their head around setting up a Facebook page, larger brands and global businesses are slaying their digital marketing using artificial intelligence, voice search and more. The digital landscape is constantly changing and our advice for 2019 is to do what you can. There is a lot one can do but we can’t do (or afford everything) Here are five digital marketing trends to at least know about…

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Voice search

“okay Google” find me an easy vegetarian recipe. Many home owners are purchasing technology like Google Assistant where they can get help with whatever they need. If you want your recipe, product or service to be in front of the person who is looking for it, you need to optimise your website so it is eligible to appear when someone searches using their voice.

Good news is. Optimising your website for voice search is pretty much the same as optimising it for normal SEO purposes. Ensure your site loads fast, it has videos, the information is ordered well with headings and bullet points, it contains FAQs (that someone may actually ask using their voice) and a trustworthy domain.

Artificial Intelligence

Forget the movies, forget SciFi, let’s keep it simple. Artificial intelligence in marketing is simply integrating everyday items you use with technology and advertising. Here’s an example: Your Bluetooth speaker runs on batteries. When it’s running low on batteries, the speaker alerts you and asks if you want to order some online. It recommends a battery brand, you confirm that you would like your speaker to order more batteries for you and it does.

This is how big brands are using AI to make sales. Off the back of that, marketers can determine what else you might like.

Messenger and WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been around for years. Commonly used in places like China, South Africa and India. It’s not as common in Australia but is an excellent chat tool that keeps friends and families connected. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is now a click destination directly from an ad. People are also using Messenger instead of email to make contact with businesses.

Choose Message and WhatsApp as a click destination in your ad campaigns and make sure your Facebook Messenger is set up with automated responses to greet and help your customers when they arrive on your Facebook page.


Chatbots was a trend on 2018 and hasn’t gone away. Integrating Chatbots onto your website saves you time, resourced and helps your customers at the exact time they need it (or at the time they’re ready to transact) helping you increase leads and sales.

A pre-populated chatbot with answers to frequently asked questions will give potential customers the answers they need to make a purchase decision. No waiting on the phone, no waiting for an email reply, no having to physically go in to ask. Just a visit to the website and a helpful “person” who answers your questions. By the time the customer gets to you they’ll know everything they need to!

People also prefer to get an answer via chat rather than visit the store or call.

Video, video video

This trend has not slipped off the slope. Video is still absolutely critical for marketing your business. Video on your Facebook wall, in your ads, on your website on Instagram – everywhere. People want video, prefer video and if businesses want to succeed need to start shooting it!

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