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Bring back mixed lollies!

31 Jan 2020

Vale the corner deli (milk bars) as some may recall. I remember when every street corner had a deli. Run by a ‘nucleus’ family – Mum, Dad and a few kids. What I miss most? Freshly cut sandwich. It’s all wraps and gluten free bread now with sun dried tomatoes, pesto and marinated mushrooms. Mostly pre packed because someone else knows what’s popular and trending. So you’re stuck with a choice your taste buds didn’t actually consider when you walked in. Chances are you’ll pay north of 15 bucks. But a freshly double cut roll with ham and salad is from a bygone era. With the risk of being labelled a ‘boomer’ (I’m on the cusp) and proud of it - I remember when I was sent to the shop to pick up milk, bread and yes cigarettes! That was before the legal laws kicked in and minors bought the cancer sticks for parents (circa early to mid 70’s), they also smoked in cars back then. But what I miss most (as the small change thief I was) the sneaky purchase of the 20 cent bag of mixed lollies. It was a lucky dip - because you never knew what combination of a sugar hit, you’d actually purchased. Lovingly hand packed by the store owner and on the counter (now referred to as an impulse purchase) back then it was simply a treat! But make way for progress along comes the multi-million dollar franchise petrol station. You can but everything from Panadol to condoms now and if you want a small considered sugar hit the choice is abundant. Still no freshly made double cut rolls around (for those who remember) for our friends on the eastern seaboard you’ll never know what you missed, it’s another South Aussie icon along with fritz, cask wine and frog cakes. 


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