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Bring back the Jingle

28 Jan 2020

Advertising recall is a fascinating thing. Jingles are powerful. 

Love them or hate them, done well, they have power - they get into your head and they stick!

So where are they? What happened? At the risk of being labelled a boomer, I blame Binge TV and Social Media.

There was a time before “Binge TV” families would wait for their favourite show to air each week. Advertisers would vie for the highest rated shows like ‘A Country Practice’, ‘Law and Order’ AND they’d pay a premium for the spots. Families would huddle around ONE TV and then boom on it would come.

The Cats of Australia - Tassie Tigers, Moggies down in Melbourne, Sydney Siamese, Alley Cats in Alice Springs, Persian Pets in Perth …..

Not only memorable but a decent geography lesson! Plus as Marketing Manager for Snappy Tom, Pounce, at Safcol in the early 90’s my first love, I do remember jamming with the musicians in studio to re-energize the jingle. Such Fun.

Arnotts yo yos!

Bees make - the - honey in Yo Yos, Cows Give Milk and the Milk becomes Butter …..

Not only memorable but agriculturally educational!

Meadow Lea - Your scones are absolutely bonza ….. You oughta be congratulated!

Who would we congratulate today? Perhaps not just Mum?

Finally and perhaps my absolute favourite  - a black and white show reel, unarchived from my personal files and from a campaign I managed a few years ago “Ask For Cask” where cask wine celebrated 50 years of this Aussie Icon. Watch this all the way through, it’s a great example of perfectly pitched positioning (for the nerds amongst us).  It’s “A flagon worth paying a few cents more for”

“Where do you hide your Coolabah?” 

Anyone feel like Chicken Tonight (sorry!)

Jingles may be gone from our screens, but never from our hearts!

Whatever you binge this week, be sure to hum a tune!

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