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COVID19 - Get ahead of the game!

15 Mar 2020

It’s a daunting for businesses - so many unknowns and with most messages about COVID-19 and the economy's doom and gloom it's overwhelming. One thing’s certain, in a downturn, it’s an opportunity to reassess your options. Some may decide to cut their marketing budgets, but others will review.  Here are some opportunities we’ve identified:

One: Take your business online.

Review your core messaging, look through your social channels and identify what people are saying about your brand, service, products, and develop some key relevant messaging that will resonate with your customers.

TIP: Work out your messaging, and develop a content plan. Tell your audience what you want them to do. Go to your website to buy or find out more, share, comment, like, get in touch.

Remember social media is no longer FREE so allocate a budget, generally Facebook will achieve the best reach. Use retargeting through Google, email and socials and develop special offers, use clear concise messaging.

Two: Everyone is on social media

At the moment social media is experiencing a huge surge, because the everyday landscape is changing hourly and people can’t get enough information. This will only heighten as we try to navigate these unchartered waters, so use this as an opportunity to connect with customers and your existing followers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Three: More people are working from home

With that in mind, I’m predicting email will experience a resurgence in open rates, so clean your database and get it working for you, even if it is a reassuring message or a special offer, even a raincheck offer.

Four: Build your awareness

Reallocate budget and build your awareness. Use storytelling video campaigns, again Facebook will give you better reach and you can get new customers viewing your stories about your brand for a few cents per view. Make sure you are tracking your audience engagement so you can reconnect with new customers and retarget.

Five: Offer rain checks and special offers

Making sure your website is the engine room, so you can capture the leads and the sales and make sure the click to purchase to take up the offer is simple and seamless so it’s easy and hassle free (the three click rule). Offer value adds - try not to discount, wherever you can.

Six: Build your database

When this ends, and it will, people will want to get back to normal. So get ready by activating some lead generation campaigns so you can capture new emails and contacts and you will be armed and ready to strike when this ends.

Seven: Go Local

Focus locally and take advantage of the sense of unity that goes with this territory. Offers and messaging that resonate a sense of community and care will be remembered. Be positive with your messaging. Geo target your Facebook ads and identify your local postcode areas.

Eight: Keep your messaging genuine

People feel that their world has been turned upside down, so think differently. Behaviour, attitudes and motivations have changed. Positive reassurance that your destination has got the correct, up-to-date safety and hygiene rules in place will be key. People will want to be reassured that your business is up to date and in the know - so get across it.

Nine: Remember to keep it mobile

Most people will be using their mobile phones and may be seeing your brand for the first time - don’t use a wall of words - keep the text to a minimum, use a great visual - you can send them to your website for more information.

Ten: Stay Calm and Get To It!

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