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Smashing it Out

28 Jan 2020

If there’s one expression that drives me to distraction it’s “I’ll smash it out’. Please don’t. Even if you think you can. Please don’t.

In this incessantly crazy, fast paced existence we affectionately call life, we need to all slow the fuck down. I’m sick of it. Madly scrolling, rote liking, mandatory commenting, because it’s expected. Well I’ve had enough.

Stop It.

Not so long ago (pre digital) the agency would send the proofs (by courier) we’d sit, even have a face to face meeting. Consider the proofs, discuss, have lunch. Next day we'd reconvene, discuss, debate, argue. What are the best? What best reflects and communicates what we want the brand to be? What do want it to say? After careful deliberation, we’d discuss some more, ‘collaborate’ and only then would we send back our comments and feedback (by return courier) in pen, marked up with considered dialogue.

Next week. Agency would send back the the final proofs. We would consider again, discuss and my God, meet for another face to face meeting.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bagging digital, I love it! It’s efficient, swift and seamless, but I feel the expectations around responsiveness are unrealistic it adds a lot of angst. It’s a runaway train ATM  (a bit like acronyms). So PLEASE stop smashing it out! It devalues and compromises the quality of what time can add to any decision and thoughtful process.

Guilty. I’ve smashed out this blog. Don’t judge.

My opinion only. As always, I value yours. Ponder. Respond at your leisure.

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