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Where’s the regulation?

28 Jan 2020

To build a house you need a license, to be a plumber or an electrician you need a license, to be a lawyer you must pass the bar, to be a doctor you swear the Hippocratic Oath, accountants need degrees and need to stay accredited but give anyone a laptop and they are expert digital marketers.

I get it, it’s a GIG economy and marketing is an industry that has gone through more change than perhaps any other industry in 10-years. Online hit with a vengeance 14-years ago and today, still so many businesses are trying to understand the best way to get on board. Graduates doing generalists degrees will struggle to get full term or permanent employment immediately leaving Uni. In fact creative art graduates were at the bottom of the list with only 52.2 percent gaining full time employment in the short term and people studying tourism, hospitality, personal services, sport and recreation didn’t fare much better at 59.6 percent. So with lap-top in hand and not much prospect of immediate work, some social and digital media knowledge and with a naive target market and no regulation everyone can claim to be an expert.

As a marketer with over 30-years experience and with a business celebrating 25 years this year I’m proud of my achievements but so frustrated with the industry. I was sad to hear that Hybrid Agency went into liquidation this week and I fear it won’t be the last agency to kick the bucket. Truth be told, I did think about scaling back two years ago, but I love this industry and believe marketing needs people with a depth of experience that can advise the best strategy and investment as businesses navigate the new landscape. There are so many cowboys and cowgirls out there video in hand and workshop ready all spruiking the immediacy of how online campaigns like Google Ads and Facebook lead generation will turn businesses into an overnight success.

Well let me be the voice of reason. Business success doesn’t happen with one good video production, or one Google ad campaign, one Facebook lead generation or a new logo or brand identity. Success comes from a coordinated multi platform approach underpinned by multiple strategies, hard work, tenacity, knowledge, risk, and above all else, excellent consultation with experienced people.

A respectful nod to the marketing industry association The Australian Marketing Institute who are very active on the Eastern seaboard but less so in Adelaide. I’m hoping this will change and the certified practicing marketer accreditation will get greater recognition and acknowledgement but it needs some awareness behind it.

This won’t be my last rant about regulation. I’m just warming up!

Entirely my opinion, as always, I welcome yours.

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