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Derby Rubber

From railways and roads, to defence and dams, Derby Rubber designs and creates customised rubber products that survive the harshest environments worldwide. Continually looking to advance the industry, Derby Rubber offers innovative and sustainable solutions to the rail, mining, defence, and infrastructure industries in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Scope of Work

Branding, Graphic Design, Strategy, Social Media, Photography, Video


Geometric shapes in 3D

In 2020, Derby Rubber approached Feeney to help raise their brand profile and position them as market leaders in the rubber manufacturing industry. Having moved their factories and headquarters from New South Wales to Wingfield in South Australia, Derby Rubber needed to better establish themselves in the Adelaide industry.

Working side-by-side, we first started our journey with Derby Rubber with a brand discovery session. From this workshop we proceeded with an alteration of the Derby Rubber logo so it presented a sleek, modern and professional identity that reflected their durability and innovative role in the industry.

We worked with the Derby Rubber team to identify their brand pillars, content pillars and tone of voice, which was key to ensuring message consistency across all communication platforms and to stakeholders and suppliers.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

From the brand discovery session, we were able to establish a marketing strategy to help Derby Rubber raise their brand in Australia and overseas. The main goal was to put Derby Rubber in front of the right audience and generate interest in their products.

One of the key messages we wanted to spread was their focus on product longevity, innovation in design and compound formulation. To communicate this with their audience, we developed a sustainability program.

As a rubber manufacturer, Derby Rubber acknowledged that their materials and their products have an impact on the environment. To reduce this impact, they built a program that would mitigate and offset the effects of their products in the marketplace, ensuring their products are manufactured and used in the most sustainable way.

The sustainability program was built using three main pillars: sustainable products, sustainable workplace and sustainable business practices.

Which helped them gain the ISO 14001 certification, for use by an organisation seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

Key to Derby Rubber's success in the Adelaide market was raising their brand awareness. Not only to their clients and stakeholders, but to their employees as well. The signage we designed for Derby Rubber featured custom icons that represent the shared company values as a reminder for the staff in their workplace.

"We engaged the team at Feeney to design and implement a digital marketing strategy and to refresh and promote our brand.

They truly listened to us and sought to really understand our business and the industries we operate in. Derby Rubber is an industrial manufacturer, so we needed a marketing approach that while embracing sound marketing principles, still needed to resonate with our target clients.

They have tailored the marketing message to align with our needs and the industries that we operate in. Without them, I doubt we would enjoy the brand recognition that we currently have in the market."

          - Michael Clayton, CEO at Derby Rubber

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