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EatDrink Local SA

The EatDrink Local SA program helps patrons discover and identify the venues that celebrate and support South Australian food and beverage producers. An in-depth set of brand guidelines were designed to strengthen the EatDrink Local SA brand. Positioning them as a trusted resource of where and who to look out for, the program helps to shine a spotlight on the incredible food and beverages that are "Locally Sourced, Locally Served" here in SA.

Scope of Work

Strategy, Graphic Design, Social Media, Website, Workshop, Copywriting, SEO, Video


Geometric shapes in 3D

Built by FEENEY - The new EatDrink Local SA website continues to elevate their brand identity online, providing easy access for visitors to discover venues through the ever-growing Directory. Clear navigation, easy filtering options, striking high-quality visuals and enticing copy were all key to creating a successful user experience.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

Using the original brand motif square shape, new highlight colours were drawn from SA landscapes and subtly incorporated into all branding material. High-quality imagery is used to create a warm and inviting tone - implemented into a refined social media strategy to best showcase the region and venues in an inviting and approachable manner.

Produced by FEENEY - Our video production highlights one of the EatDrink Local SA Directory venues - the Watervale Hotel, by sharing authentic and engaging interviews and anecdotes that invite the audience to connect with the content on a personal level. Driven by the desire to support local and share a story with each dish, the video showcases owners Nicola and Warrick and their passion for reducing emissions and waste. Using organic and biodynamic practices on their Peneobscot Farm, they embody the "Locally Sourced, Locally Served" messaging through their commitment to serving South Australian sourced food and beverages.

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