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Engaging FEENEY through our discovery and brand workshop process, 42 Major Findings were identified and distilled into 3 Key Fields of improvement opportunities. As a global leader and innovator, acknowledgment of KELLY’s remarkable history and the visual distinction, strength, quality and the longevity of KELLY’s products provided the opportunity to create a visual identity and brand system that reflected these findings.

Scope of Work

Branding, Workshop, Graphic Design, Video, Copywriting, Strategy


Geometric shapes in 3D

The sentiment towards KELLY for those already connected to and familiar with the brand remains overwhelmingly positive. The lack of opportunity to connect with other KELLY users, fans and a broader brand community was apparent. FEENEY identified this as an opportunity and key objective in addition to providing further opportunities to celebrate, champion and promote the KELLY brand.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

Delivered as a forward-facing tagline, FEENEY developed the KELLY brand promise which is built upon the foundation of supporting the farmers leading the effort for a more sustainable farming future and the health of food and life on the planet.

‘Better Tillage’ promises that a KELLY seedbed not only has a far lighter impact on the soil and the environment, but outperforms other tillage methods in many ways. Additionally, the economical benefits that accompany the versatility and ingenuity of KELLY tillage equipment - offering multiple configurations and one-pass solutions promises a better bottom-line.

‘Better Tomorrow’ promises a brighter and healthier future for both farmers and the planet. The ubiquitous hope for a ‘Better Tomorrow’ speaks to the environmental and commercial motivations of both KELLY and the farmer. Furthermore, ‘Better Tomorrow’ is a promise from the KELLY team to constantly improve, echoing the mindset that the job is never finished, a mindset shared with the farmers that own and operate a KELLY. Your Brand Promise is a value or experience customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with your company.

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