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South Australian Wooden Boat Festival

The South Australian Wooden Boat Festival (SAWBF) is the most impressive wooden boat festival in Australia and was recognised as SA’s Best Festival at the 2019 South Australian Tourism Awards. The biannual event provides entertainment for the whole family, highlighting living history, the culturally and spiritually rich land, as well as the winding Murray River - proving to be a truly remarkable South Australian event.

Scope of Work

Branding, Social Media, Strategy, Email Marketing, Copywriting


Geometric shapes in 3D

With the main focal point being the event itself other content is needed to fill the bridging two years between events. Feeney was brought in to establish strategies and create compelling content that’ll keep the SAWBF front of mind and audiences continually engaged.

Executing a great branding strategy, Feeney and SAWBF collaboratively formed the framework that is the brand identity influencing the business at every level. Part of this included refining the target audience, resulting in collating and creating three main customer personas.

From this, Feeney identified four main content pillars that would influence the content significantly. Paired with tangible goals that the content aims to execute – an excellent process has been established to reap maximum reward and meet the client’s expectations and beyond.

Leveraging these processes, the product equates to content that influences the relevant audience – resulting in engagement, learning, and anticipation built for the coming event.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

Complementing this content creation, Feeney created, distributed, and analysed a successful Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) campaign. The monthly send was intended to raise awareness not just in matters relating to the festival but also extending to the surrounding regions. Creatively crafted, these emails saw great metrics and were enjoyed by a large portion of the send list.

In executing a suite of services Feeney was able to address the needs of the SAWBF in a multi-layered approach. The result became a holistic and comprehensive action towards the marketing endeavours of the SAWBF – with resulting reaping significant satisfaction for both parties. Moving forward the efforts made to both brand and content continue to play a part in the event’s success.

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