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At FEENEY we believe no one size fits and so our strategies are tailored and designed to meet the genuine needs for each client. We start the process with a discovery workshop - after all - you know your business better than we do and we’re committed to understanding where you are coming from and where you are aspiring to go.

Knowing what motivates you, your key strengths and identifying headwinds ensures we are generating the necessary input for successful output.

Your Experience


Better on purpose.


Apply our knowledge and understanding of strategy, creative and brand and strive to surpass expectations in quality, innovation and value.


Integrity -  Always be honest.

Passion - Be open minded.

Impactful - Address needs not wants.

Collaboration - Share knowledge.

Caring - Understand what matters most.


Tailored marketing that meets needs over wants.

The first step is our intensive discovery workshop. Key stakeholders meet with the FEENEY strategy and creative leads. It provides the opportunity to uncover new territory, review the state of play and forge a clear vision; we’ll get to know your brand and extract your “why”, your brand DNA and your purpose. We distil this into a brand blueprint and present the Why, How and When of the project. After discovery, we can develop a relevant Statement of Work, which clearly outlines our recommendations on what needs to be done to get you where you want to go.

We encourage clients to share the Blueprint Report with their internal stakeholders and their broader team to provide everyone with a 360-degree view of the project.


Our unencumbered consulting and advice leverages from three decades of experience. FEENEY is committed to providing independent, transparent and trusted marketing and business advice. We have no hidden agenda. This approach forms the foundation for every project and every client because it builds relationships - whether it's with you, our client, our own team or the broader universe where we play.


One thing will remain constant; the marketing environment will continue to change. Rapidly. The ever-changing digital landscape, the changing role for traditional channels and the need for specialty marketers, together with a more connected, demanding and informed audience means brands are in a state of constant evolution. The media landscape is more complicated now and media efficacy is paramount. We’re committed to transparency and helping you understand, so you can be confident you’re getting the most from your marketing investment with FEENEY.

We consult with boards, large corporates, emerging industries, growing businesses and c-suite executives. At our core, we are problem solvers and we advocate for greater industry transparency and better regulation. We believe underpinning our work by being accountable will deliver undeniable value; we strive for excellence because it achieves better results.


Providing you with greater control over your marketing value chain we aim to:

  • Improve the impact of your marketing

  • Apply key metrics that drives growth across your business

  • Minimise wastage and prevent leakage of your investment.


FEENEY understands the industry, the changing landscape, and respects media efficacy and analytical rigour.


Winning brands are built by choice, not chance. Strategy is at the heart of everything we do at FEENEY and a solid brand strategy or marketing strategy is crucial for guiding the choices your brand will make in order to deliver a consistent, relevant, appropriate and effective brand message to market. Planning comes in all shapes and sizes; Strategies can take the form of short, mid and long term planning, crisis planning, communication planning, project planning or visionary planning. What we also know is you can never quite plan for everything but having a robust strategy sure helps.


So, yes, planning is hard, but it’s critical.


FEENEY loves a plan. Specifically, we love agile plans! We adopt an unencumbered view and start by developing an overarching vision. Along the way we may hit hurdles and face unexpected issues and that’s where the relationship and the agility kicks in. The real value is in the questions you need to consider when creating a plan.

Who is your customer? What are their needs? How can you best solve their problems? What should you be paying attention to in the market? What can you learn from your latest successes and failures?


No one can forecast the future with complete accuracy. That's why the process of developing a plan is more important than the plan itself. Planning shouldn’t happen once a year; it should happen all year long. Building a rhythm and learning from the past without trying to predict the future is the key. Lean into trends but don’t expect them to continue forever.


Having disciplines that force you to regularly work on your business — rather than in your business -- will help identify and challenge the assumptions you make. What has changed in the market or in your capability to deliver? We can assume one thing but then discover another.


Being open minded encourages nimble thinking.


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