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7 Event Trends for 2022

4 Apr 2022

Events are back! As one of the hardest-hit industries over the last 2 years, face to face events are here to stay. With over 4,500 respondents, Eventbrite conducted a survey across 5 countries about the event industry going forward and its positive news.

1. It’s all about connection

Connection is king! With everyone wanting to see each other face to face, it’s no surprise nearly 75% of people surveyed feel optimistic about hosting events in 2022.

2. Diverse communities

Diversity is leading the way with 50% of events planned for 2022 focused on the community.

3. Despite optimism, we’re getting back to business

We are set to see events return bigger and better with 26% reporting sales have increased, and 24% reporting sales are up, in-line with pre-pandemic levels.

4. Safety a priority

We want to be reassured that the safety of our loved ones and ourselves is a priority. With 68% of people surveyed opting to confirm double vaccination status at the door.

5. Virtual events will remain

At some stage over the past 2 years, we have all experienced “Zoom fatigue”, so, it's no surprise that people are eager to get back to meeting in person. Accommodating those eager to socialise together with those more cautious, will mean hybrid events remain popular in 2022.

6. Be kind to the planet

Although safety and profitability rank as the highest priority, when planning your next event sustainable choices should be top of mind as green strategies are increasing in popularity.

7. A digital transformation

Trialling new online platforms over the last 2 years has created opportunities to build your brands database. Use this to your advantage and create more opportunities to connect with your audience using events in 2022.

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