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Power 2 the B2B

28 Feb 2017

Power to the consumer marketers – Boo Who.  Big awards, clever ads, great packaging designs, new product development projects, big budgets, fancy ad agencies… the list goes on.

Effective B2B marketing is just as important and, even if I do say so myself, more discerning.  First of all you need to ‘really’ get to know and understand your database.  With a little digging, a good clean and basic market intelligence, your message will hit your customer with the right message, the right medium and at the right time.

Attending trade shows, direct mail-outs, industry advertising (in relevant publications), is all good but still very much a mass approach. What about one to one communication? It’s gaining momentum, and it’s getting results.

Blending the traditional approach underpinned by a personal message is the way to go – but – don’t be cheesy – be sincere and don’t stalk!  You need substance and the message needs to be relevant!

Clever direct marketing should deliver specifics and that’s where a clean and well-versed database comes in.

So how’s this for an example?

Customer reads an article about your business or product in an industry magazine,  a corporate/creative gift arrives, they Google and your company comes up first, they attend an industry function (and you are the sponsor), they receive an SMS informing them of something that’s relevant, they click on your web site to find out more and there it is a personal website with specific offers for them, your company representative calls – no introduction necessary!

Reclaim your rights to marketing – power to the B2B

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