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The vulnerability of brands

29 Mar 2020

As the world adjusts, changes and reconfigures itself in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, a new era is upon us and businesses may forever be changing the way in which they communicate with their audiences.

For the first time in the social media age, vulnerability is not an uncomfortable thing to showcase, the world as we know it is currently free of competition, there is no sport being played, there will be no Olympics any time soon and businesses from all sectors are focused on their survival and what is being shared and showcased is no longer exclusively the wins and successes. 

We are all sharing in a global experience and empathy is at an all-time high. With the active decision by us as a society to put our livelihoods second to life itself and making immense sacrifices in order to help the weakest of our kind, it may be the greatest collective display of humanity in the history of our existence.

A crisis is the ultimate equaliser.

Brands that were thriving just months ago, expanding into new areas and locations, experiencing rapid growth are sadly now feeling the effects and are falling from greater heights than those businesses who have been struggling to keep the lights on for years and barely surviving month to month, so it may be less of a shock and adjustment to the system for them, but now, it’s a shared experience.

Shared experiences tend to be the foundation for all relationships and as such, the shared struggles, difficulties and minor moments of relief that we are all facing and experiencing at present provide an opportunity to truly connect with our respective audiences, from customers to “competitors”, friends to family, the ubiquitous uncertainty that we are all facing could be the catalyst for true connection in the digital age, do not be afraid to share the hurdles that are in front of you as people will be more supportive and invested in helping you jump them.

Stay safe, stay well.

James Raphael

Head of Creative and Design.

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