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Australian Meats

Built by FEENEY - As a new brand entering the market within a niche category, facing varied market perception and the challenge of integrating cold storage delivery options and accessible delivery zoning, providing a truly sophisticated e-commerce solution was required.

Scope of Work

Branding, Website, Photography, Graphic Design, SEO, Copywriting, Strategy, Email Marketing


Geometric shapes in 3D

The brand and visual identity - also designed and created by FEENEY, positions Australian Meats as a premium and convenient offering for both confident cooks and those previously intimidated by the offering.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

To support this positioning and entice the audience to see beyond the raw nature of the product on offer, a library of striking visuals was created, capturing the essence of a home kitchen showcasing the range of meats in the most appealing compositions. With a view to add future products seamlessly, a custom surface, lighting arrangement and styling standard was created for the product photography.

To promote first-time and repeat purchasing, a full suite of customer journeys, prompts and communication templates were also created to deliver an entire e-commerce solution.

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