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Hamilton MG

Synonymous with the automotive industry for 33 years, Hamilton MG is an automotive giant offering families and first car buyers affordability and great technology. The end of 2019 saw the Hamilton brand acquiring the MG brand - birthing Hamilton MG. From sales figures to feedback from customers the MG brand has proven to be a winner.

Scope of Work

Out-of-home, Strategy, Graphic Design, Copywriting


Geometric shapes in 3D

Hamilton MG has achieved some amazing milestones on top of its everyday company wins. Feeney was engaged to action a scope of services to positively promote the Hamilton MG brand and reel in significant rewards. Part of this entailed promoting these significant events which included acquiring the MG brand and opening a new dealership.

After acquiring our strategic planning, Hamilton MG reaped tremendously diverse services that impacted their marketing with brand alignment and accuracy. Influencing billboards and radio in addition to leveraging our copywriters to create catchy slogans were all prevalent.

Looking at the events of the rebrand and new dealership opening, Feeney promoted these events wonderfully. Utilising our email marketing (eDM) campaign and leveraging PR and media opportunities - landing an editorial piece in Unley Mag - were two big aspects of this.

Leaning on a fully stacked marketing team, Hamilton MG deploys a scope of services that complement each other.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

Social media plays a large part in any promotional endeavours. Knowing this the company decided to leverage Feeney’s social media experts and copywriters to collate, create and share engaging and relevant posts across the channels of Facebook and Instagram. Similarly, the management of these channels plays a significant role - monitoring and replying to comments and gaining new followers are continual objectives.

Navigating tremendous change and risk in the past few years, Feeney was engaged to help steer Hamilton MG through the chaos towards expansion. Meeting this task and going above and beyond, Feeney continues to produce tailored marketing solutions gaining Hamilton MG exposure in both on and offline media - growing their presence on social media, print media, and more.

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