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Jaytex Construction

The Jaytex brief provided an opportunity to bring their brand into alignment with the outstanding work that is delivered year after year. Their commitment to progress and innovation, supported by an industry-leading mindset - informed the brand's tagline of 'Cutting Edge Construction'.

Scope of Work

Branding, Website, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Strategy


Geometric shapes in 3D

This language was extended to the new visual touch-points of the brand, whilst maintaining connection with existing Jaytex assets, resulting in a familiar, but entirely refreshed brand identity.

Here at FEENEY, we welcome every opportunity to develop concepts for physical brand communication. We were thrilled to see these concepts adopted immediately by Jaytex, with the developed signage applications providing an effective suite of brand devices that hero the visual and verbal expression of the brand.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

The Jaytex website amplifies the touch-points of the refreshed brand and showcases the outstanding portfolio of completed projects. Clean visuals, branded animation, optimised navigation and effective copywriting were key to the success of this project, accurately positioning Jaytex within the digital landscape.

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