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A campaign that has prompted sales and smiles in equal measure, the FEENEY team takes great pride in this ongoing body of work. The DO YOU ROO? campaign acts as a catalyst for conversation, highlighting just how popular K-ROO Kangaroo meat is.

Scope of Work

Strategy, Video, Graphic Design, Out-of-home


Geometric shapes in 3D

To extend the DO YOU ROO? messaging and creative, resulting in an elevated recall rate - Bus Backs, Billboards and Street Furniture were activated to bridge the journey from radio and digital to the physical references on K-ROO packs in-store.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

Through exaggerated characters, deliberate timing and comedic technique, our objective was to create an incredibly memorable and endearing campaign that subtly introduces more approachable K-ROO options to those new to the category.

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