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Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

We were engaged to build the brand awareness of leading mid-scale sustainable distributed energy infrastructure investor, Sustainable Energy Infrastructure.

Scope of Work

Branding, Social Media, Strategy, Website, Photography, Video, Public Relations, Events, Copywriting, SEO


Geometric shapes in 3D

Established two years ago, Sustainable Energy Infrastructure (SEI) has been making significant strides in the renewable energy infrastructure industry.

As a leading investor in mid-scale sustainable distributed energy infrastructure, they’ve acquired a number of established mid-market generation and compressed natural gas infrastructure assets throughout Australia.

Wanting to continue their progress in the renewables industry, SEI approached us to gain a better understanding of their brand promise, personality and market position.

Following a comprehensive brand discovery session, we were able to initiate a rebrand that sparked the SEI evolution that modernised outdated elements within the visual identity while retaining its existing recognition value.

Geometric shapes in 3D
Mobile art ad

The refreshed SEI brand was rolled out across all platforms including their newly developed website.

Designed with functionality and ease of customer use in mind, we produced a streamlined website that featured an attractive and modern layout that supported an array of integrated components. Including case studies that showcase the capabilities of SEI, while building a strong brand identity that could be used throughout their social media platforms.

Our ultimate goal was to position SEI as a reputable, confident, and reliable brand by building and communicating a clear and consistent message through various online channels.

Utilising high-quality photography and video, including drone footage and individual interviews, we have been able to showcase the progress in their solar farms and changes in the renewables industry via LinkedIn and Facebook. Ultimately elevating the awareness and position of SEI in the market, as the trustworthy and reputable leader.

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