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Market Research

You don’t know what you don’t know, market research takes the guesswork out of marketing and ensures that you are building from a solid foundation of knowledge, insight and understanding.


FEENEY adopts several techniques. Extensive in-depth desktop research provides key insights and helps shape the strategy. Quantitative surveys can be conducted using your own database which can yield unexpected knowledge. Casting the net wider, we may recommend commissioning deeper and broader qualitative or quantitative studies. Or, we may find research from third-party research providers that is specific to your industry that can help determine growth, trends or headwinds.

Why market research matters

Some questions we may ask you:


What’s your key stakeholder’s sentiment, thoughts?

What’s your current brand’s value?

What’s your strategy for growth?

Have you clearly defined your vision and purpose?

Are you effectively engaging your audience and building your brand's story?

Have you planned your launch and communication strategy clearly?

What motivates your consumer?

We aim to challenge the status quo and get you thinking differently.
Our approach

An effective strategy is the key to victory.

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