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Brand evolution

As businesses grow and change, they must adapt their brand identities to better reflect themselves and their marketplace. A rebrand, or brand evolution, aims to modernise outdated elements within a brand identity, while retaining its existing recognition value. If you have an existing brand identity that’s in need of a makeover, Feeney is here to help.

Brand & Identity

Great brands have an ability to draw us into their orbit. Creating and identifying the forces at work that pull us through the external layers towards the core of brands, is how we intensify their gravity.


Developing a cohesive brand identity is fundamental to your brand strategy. Your visual identity is the first interaction you have with the broader market and your audience and if a brand identity is done well it should be the most recognisable touchpoint.

Memorable and relevant visual assets such as logos, symbols, brand marks, typography, visual systems and colour palettes are crucial for brand recall but also align with strategic objectives of positioning, contextualising and elevating overall brand value.

Why your brand matters

Complementing with successful art direction will deliver clarity and definition to the intangible elements of a brand and simultaneously provides a bridge between brand strategy, creative briefs and the design execution. Art direction provides influence and inspiration and moves design processes forward so it aligns to your brand vision.


We all exist in a cluttered world where we compete for a share of voice, and with so many businesses and brands competing in the same space, your brand name and nomenclature is a core identifier for your audience and can differentiate you within your category. Brand naming is a nuanced and specialised field of focus and we at FEENEY welcome the challenge of developing and identifying effective, available and authentic brand names and naming systems.

Our approach

A lasting impression begins with a powerful brand identity.

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