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Brands that take the time and effort to consider and invest in their digital and online presence, create opportunities for greater reach, deeper connection and increased conversion.


In the cluttered online digital age thoughtfully considered web design is key to the success of brands. A website should be an extension of the values of your brand and upholding these principles across every touchpoint is what we strive to do. A well-designed site and e-Commerce platform gives potential consumers an instant, momentary impression that immediately affects the way consumers perceive your brand, your message and your credibility.


Brands that take the time to consider their digital design create an opportunity for greater reach, make for deeper connection and increased conversion. Investing in strategic website and App design can generate outstanding outcomes from the bottom line so that profitability and brand awareness are maximised.

Why your website matters

FEENEY web and app design begins with an initial digital design consultation, where a tailored approach to custom content or e-Commerce websites is developed. Building an effective dynamic site and taking into account the primary consideration to UX and SEO delivers an impactful and profit generating user journey, geared for conversion.


A great website directly impacts how your business is perceived by your audience. Investing time to build the strategy first, followed by time and a budget to build the best and most sustainable platform, will yield results that will pay dividends for years to come. A great website should do the heavy lifting for you and ultimately you’ll spend less on marketing and can focus on growth. With meticulous thought given to UX, conversion and brand experience our website capabilities are paired with exceptional design.

Our approach

Websites promote you 24/7:

No employee will do that.

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