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From professionally produced video content to campaign productions, video plays a critical role in the delivery of your brand’s collective messaging and storytelling.


Crafting content that achieves cut-through, connection and conversion is crucial in a crowded market. FEENEY offers quality videography services – including in-studio shoots, on location shoots, and strategic brand and corporate videos. 

Why your visual media matters

Talent + Crew Sourcing.

Photographer, Stylist, Hair Make-up + Assistants.

Location Scouting.

Up to 2 x location reconnaissance.


Planning, briefing and coordination with crew.


Wardrobe, props, catering, travel and subsidiaries.

Post Production.

Image/video editing, retouching and grading.

Licencing and Fees:

Talent licensing and roll over fees.

Our approach

Grab the attention and convey the story you are trying to tell

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